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上方一道弧形恰如一座桥梁,寓意交流与跨越,代表连通中西、走向世界,立足当下、关照未来;下方选取Westlake University首字母W和U叠合,寓意交融与协作,代表科技人文交汇、学科交叉融合。 

澳门威尼斯人导航The logo of Westlake University is presented as the character for 'West' in Chinese, with the orange and blue colors symbolizing knowledge and exploration. The arc above represents the bridge we aspire to be, a connection between East and West, the present and the future, as well as a bridge for China to the world. People will recognize the ‘W’ and ‘U’ rendered below, representing not just the blending of cultures and language but also the intersection of science, technology, and the humanities.


The logo has been strictly rendered in a fixed form with all components sized and positioned correctly, and cannot be altered. Please note that the logo is a registered trademark. Any unauthorized use may violate relevant intellectual property law.

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